About - Sentio SAP Business Analytics Consultants
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Sentio and our associated companies specialise in Analytics & Data Integration. We are recognised as solution experts in the delivery of:

Dashboards & Visualisation

Planning & Forecasting

Data Integration & Transformation

Sentio consultants have improved many leading organisations’ delivery of analytics from SAP.

Our offices are based in Auckland and Wellington & also includes a small presence in Christchurch. Across the group, we have over 40 staff members, with the vast majority focused around delivering professional services.

Our consulting team has significant experience across many technologies and industries and gives us unique capabilities to leverage different elements from all of the associated companies.

Sentio’s success is the result of being a specialist focussed on the delivery of information management solutions, ensuring that we nurture and develop a deep level of expertise within our team.

Our proven implementation and engagement methodologies deliver value early; allow course corrections; and increase the value of subsequent projects.

Meet the Sentio executive team


Services Director Jason Blockley has nearly 20 years’ experience in business analytics consulting and is particularly strong in the SAP space. Jason has the specialist knowledge required to successfully deliver a broad array of reporting, complex data integration and planning solutions. He is responsible for the delivery of consulting services to our customers across many different technology stacks including SAP, IBM and Microsoft.

Jason Blockley

Director, Services

With 20 years of information technology sales and marketing experience including enterprise resource planning, business process management, document management and business analytics, Craig is focused on the growth of Sentio’s new solutions for the marketplace. Alignment with business outcomes and articulating a vision for our customers is his real strength.

Craig Catley

Director, Sales

Founder and Director Allen Keyte is a specialist in cloud-based strategy management, analytics, planning & data integration solutions. The global customer base Allen has helped build is proof of his success across the full spectrum of dashboarding, KPI reporting, forecasting, data warehousing and strategy execution solutions. Allen’s leadership and understanding comes from more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, with strengths in both innovating established operations; and incubating early-stage initiatives.

Allen Keyte

Director, Commercial