Sentio - SAP Business Analytics Consultants
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In this data-centric world there is sharp focus on timely access to information for a diverse range of business users.

SAP Technology is constantly changing with the release of S/4HANA and a new roadmap towards Digital Transformation. New tools, such as Lumira and Roambi, are now available. Delivery is also transitioning from predominantly on-premise solutions to cloud-focused solutions. These factors all have an affect on an SAP-centric organisation.

With many years of SAP-dedicated projects behind them, Sentio people have a deep knowledge of SAP processes and framework. As the technology is rapidly evolving, we understand that continuous effort is required to stay at the top of a competitive market. Training and ongoing development is part of Sentio’s DNA – we are constantly looking ahead to design and build solutions that not only work today, but also remain relevant.

Sentio people have considerable experience in traditional datawarehousing which is continually updated with SAP HANA and other new technologies. It is clear that we are entering a new world of possibilities. The popularisation of in–memory, columnar databases such as SAP HANA and a push for self-service analytics provides numerous new architectural options. Sentio challenges existing paradigms and innovates wherever possible, always with a complete focus on business value. Sentio provides a full services infrastructure to support the solutions we deliver, including Design, Delivery, Project Management, Support and Customer Engagement. We also follow an extensively tested implementation and engagement methodology that we successfully utilise to build enduring customer relationships.

We have three core values, fundamental to our company culture, success and client relationships.



Our people are keen to explore new ways in which our technology can be utilised therefore ensuring our clients are getting the greatest return on their investment and greater levels of effectiveness.



In addition, as a company we have a tenacious attitude towards our clients problems and we will persevere to the point an objective is achieved and expectations have been met.



Finally, receiving good service is expected in our industry; however Sentio is continually refining its processes and systems to ensure we offer superior service to all our clients.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide them with the most advanced, functional information solutions that affect positive change within their organisation. We commit to ensure their solution is working hard for them and to persevere until it does.

Sentio provides services all over New Zealand, with offices in Auckland and Wellington